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Our open-source microfluidic control unit

Our elegant control unit balances value and performance. It houses all the features you may need to automate your microfluidic experiments. It's our basis for developing small microfluidic factories that move, heat, stir and dispense liquids according to your request. The control system runs on the open-source RepRap firmware, allowing you to take full control.


Up to 7


Up to 3

PWM outs

Up to 4


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ideal for :

Custom microfluidic mini factories
Online/Inline flow chemistry
Assay / screening development
Practical courses / teaching labs
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Teaching Solutions

As more and more labs are intergrating flow chemistry nowadays, teaching should not lag behind.
Yet, affordable, capable and easy to use flow chemistry equipment was hard to find. At Labm8 we are aiming to fill this gap and empower your students to develop a skill set that last's a life time.

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