Automated microfluidic experiments
at your finger tips

Labm8 web control makes creating automated scripts for your microfluidic experiments a breeze. It comes with a build in syringe library and a intuitive sequence generator

Online kinetics

Labm8 web control provides a guided user interface to easily create dynamic flow profiles to perform state of the art online kinetic experiments.

Offline kinetics - releasing soon

Intuitively create a automated experiment that runs various experimental conditions one after the other

Build powerfull sequences

Create an automated sequence of experiments to fast forward your research.

Advanced algorithms

Create complex, dynamic flow profiles to test a wide range of conditions.

Machine learning ready

Have your data analysis all figured out in python? Close the loop using our python based back end. - currently in beta testing.

Experiment queuing

Used as semi automatic runner for your experiment, allow you to intervene and adjust if needed.

Excel import/export

Want to plan your experiments out in excel? We got you coverd with our excel import and export functions.

Experiment management

Your experiments are saved locally on the machine, making repeating and managing them effortles.

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Labm8 web control intergrates smoothly with many programs commonly used by scientists.