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Our Modular Syringe Pump Axis

Our minimalistic and modular syringe pump axis provides you with accurate, stable and durable motion. It can be configured as a syringe pump for both pushing and withdrawl mode. Our perfect fit syringe adapter system ensures no deformation of your syringes, while our XY motion adapter allows it to be used as a cantilever motion system balances speed and performance. The syringe pump axis has various places for mouning it self or assesories.

Max Speed

5 mm/min

Lead Screw


Linear Force

50 lbf

ideal for :

Fluid dispensing
Fraction collection / autosampling
Fluid withdrawl
Variable volume reactor
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In combination with our M8001.1 Control unit, our pumps provide excellent flowrates. Various flow profiles can be generated using Labm8 Web Control. For the flow measurements we've used a senserion flow sensor using a 100ms measurement interval.