Serious About Flowrates.

Steady states.

Steady states are at the core of any syringe pump calibration and are widely used in titration or kinetic experiments. A perfect syringe pump should have an R2 of 1 across the steady states. At Labm8 we think we came pretty close. Measured using a senserion SLF3S-0600Fenserion SLF3S-0600FSenserion SLF3S-0600F flow sensor without any data treatment.

Dampend sinewave.

Why limit yourself to steady states if you can do fancy dampend sinewaves? With our system you can easily run such complex flow profiles. To perform this experiment the syringe pump recieves a new flowrate instruction every 2.4 seconds for a total of 1000 lines, elegant, isn't it?


Although dampend sinewaves provides a clear indication of the capabillities of dynamic flow profiles, it doesn't tell much about the repeatabillity of single sinewave. So here you have it.

All our measurements are performed using a state of the flow sensor from senserion (SFL3S-0600F) at an interval of 100 ms, without any data treatment.

At Labm8 we believe in being upfront, from scientist to scientist.

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